Emerge Geelong


Art Competition and Exhibition

March 14, 2017

Art and Business will Fuse

When was the last time you saw an Art Competition and Exhibition at a business conference? We think this will boost the Emerge Geelong conference to another level, and supply a vibrant audience to Artists, in a beautiful setting. Click here to learn more about the rest of the Emerge Geelong conference.

Theme – Things that Frustrate Us

What makes someone quit their 9-5 job, the safe, the easy and launch into the unknown of a startup? This passion comes from realising a need, a gap, from a problem they have experienced for themselves. Without such motivation, the harsh realities of day to day business can cut short the startup marathon.

“Things that Frustrate Us” captures this spark of inspiration, and through art amplifies this important first step of many enduring struggles for a break-through. This exhibition highlights lingering problems that plague people and societies, that are not usually spoken of in the media. By bringing these problems into view, we are free to conceive of solutions, and work toward a future without them.

It doesn’t matter if your an artist or observer, be sure to join us for the discussion on May 24th.

Are you an artist?

Anyone of any skill level is invited, to compete in experience-based categories. You could be just beginning, and use this to drive the learning of your craft. You might be an esteemed professional, and test your wit in this alluring theme. In any case, you stand to win $100s in cash, while on display for private sale of your piece.

While we expect mainly painting and visual arts, we hope to see a diverse range of media. This might mean using a technique or medium you’re most familiar with, or using this as an opportunity to try something new.

There is a limit on how many entries we can display, but we hope to be inundated. Whoever you are, observers will enjoy being inspired by the ideas, and impressed by your skill. And this will be your chance to take a step forward in your art career.

Complete the Art Submission form to begin

Art Submissions Brief

This is an open call for artworks of any medium, with expectation for mostly visual and sculpture forms.

  • Selection Process: Curated. See Timeline below for the single deadline. To avoid disappointment, you should submit concepts and progress submissions early, for a chance to receive feedback.
  • Criteria for Final Selection:
    • Audience – Concepts must be suitable for the target audience. The idea should be obvious to an audience with limited experience in art appreciation. Students of secondary education age will likely be part of the audience. An explanation blurb will be acceptable, to assist the audience.
    • Theme – Whether the concept matches the theme “Things that Frustrate Us”. The art should find a way to amplify the emotion of the problem, and ideally resonate with the audience, being a commonly experienced problem. Problems which are commonly mentioned in mainstream media will tend to be ranked lower.
    • Originality and Novelty – This refers to the artwork itself. The work should be highly original, creative and imaginative. It should exemplify the novel theme concepts in surprising and challenging ways.
    • Apolitical – While political ideas may come to mind for the theme, it would distract from the purpose of the conference. Mainstream political issues will be marked down heavily, and may not be accepted for exhibition. If any political entries are accepted, an opposing concept will be sought to maintain balance.
    • Aesthetics – The work should have a strong aesthetic element, and effectively communicate through form, function, behaviour, and emotion. Aesthetically interesting qualities sought include features that show artisanal skill, are pleasing, exciting and possibly provocative, without being shocking.
    • Agreement – By entering, you agree to meet the deadline set out in the timeline below, and will be able to receive the artwork back the evening on the day of the exhibition. You understand that due to criteria, an excess of entries, or the curator’s discretion, your work may not be accepted for exhibition or judging. You will pay $20 (inc. GST) before the final submission deadline, via the Event Registration page.
  • Number of Entries: Typically 1, but you may notify us of several concepts. Subject to places in the exhibition, you may be selected for more than one concept.
  • Sales: you will be welcome to display a sale price for your artwork, and the curator will take enquiries on your behalf.
  • Prize Categories
    • Disability [$500] – amplify a problem related to the disability sector and those with a disability. Any skill level is acceptable.
    • Open Amateur [$500] – any problem that frustrates you. Limited to those who are self-taught, had no training, and have not sold artwork for profit before.
    • Open Trained [$500] – any problem that frustrates you. Those who have sold artwork for profit before, are not eligible. Amateurs are eligible.
    • Open Professional [$500] – any problem that frustrates you.
  • Judges: TBA


  • Step 1: [Optional] Notification and Feedback of Concepts:
  • Step 2: Completion deadline
  • Step 3: Delivery
    • Location: TBA (Either direct at the venue, or central holding location)
    • Date: Tuesday 23rd, not before 3pm, and not after 6pm

Examples of Frustrations

Here we avoid making a long list, or we risk discouraging entries for these ideas. If you do select one of these ideas, it will likely be because you thought of an interesting way to portray it. We recommend you spend some time and write a long list of frustrations, and talk to your friends and families to find the best ideas. We will be able to notify you if another artist has a similar idea (but different way of expressing it).

  • Paperwork – laborious and boring
  • Fraud and Scams – they’re modern-day thieves
  • Toxic workplaces – we spend a large chunk of our lives there
  • Lack of time – who is draining the clocks?
  • One’s unemployment – despair – I’m not like the others


The information above is valid as of 2017-03-14, any changes and updates will be included here below

  • [2017-04-28] Novelty Clarification – submissions are expected to be new works made especially for the competition, not past works repurposed and rationalised for this competition.
  • [2017-04-28] Clarity – avoid general concepts, such as trying to abstractly paint “frustration”. Instead, seek a specific everyday problem which is relatable. For example, “Lack of time to spend with children”, is much more relatable and specific than “Lack of time”. And another example, “waste of donated money by administration” is more specific, than “poverty”. If you have an idea/concept, please spend time, trying to find an even more specific and tangible problem. Feel free to send through your concepts, and Todd, the Event Producer, and he will encourage you to find more specific ideas, but it’s up to you to find a way to portray them.
  • [2017-05-11] Deadline extended – The curator has extended the deadline another 7 days.